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“On the topic of school, how is the paper you’re supposed to be writing?  Wait, don’t tell me–you magically finished it while simultaneously talking on the phone, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, and bringing peace to the Middle East.”

"The secret,” Nate says, hating the stack of books waiting on the edge of his desk, “was locking everyone in a room with no weapons and Ray Person.  No, I haven’t done any work on my paper.  And you know that, you ass.  You can hear the sounds of typing from fifty yards off.  The end of my vacation is going to suck.”

“I’ll be sure to think of you and your terrible trials of sitting and writing indoors while I’m leading a three day survival class.  Yes, Private, it is cold out here and we’re skinning squirrels, but think of Nate, he has written work.”

-Dark Winters Wear You Down, by storyofapainter.

It’s something to slip in and out of, like the way Harry slides in and out of his old jumpers, sometimes it’s them, and Harry’s his best mate, the one he looks out for, who’s always got his back, and then, sometimes, he looks the wrong way, or Harry falls asleep with his glasses on, and it’s something else entirely in the moment he reaches to take them off.

Merlin, seasons one to four, to Florence And The Machine’s Breath Of Life.

"You are going," the Joker gasps,
"to break that damn rule
an’ no amount of… prep talk to the mirror …
is gonna change that. But when
you do,
it has
to be me.”
The Joker stops struggling, eyes like green flames. “Because as soon as you do
And you
will run
away…from your precious city…
and away…
from me.”


"I guess…Without you, I’m just…one shoe."
"That’s a funny way of putting it."
"It’s true."
"You know you’re not really my type, Joker."
"Maybe." A chuckle. "But I’m perfect for you. And ya know why?
'Cause I'll never heal you. With me,
you can go on doin’ what you do and you’ll never have to worry about having to
give up what you are
or getting bogged down with something like feelings.
I give you something to keep fighting, something to keep the Batman happy, and then
I’m your squeezy …stress relief toy,
so you can somehow scrrrape through the day.
But, as jobs go, ‘snot the worst I’ve ever-“

- Limits, by skyspireskit3

Because Mark is capable of domestication with his fucking boyfriend, okay? Mark is man enough to admit that. Especially since he’s in his fucking boxers and Eduardo is in his suit, sans coat and tie, because he just came back to have lunch with them and is planning on going back to his firm after. And whatever, Mark has seen Eduardo’s toes so Mark takes that as a sign that they’re basically living the life that Mark used to scoff at.

- Weekend Wars, by ohnvm

“You’re going to blow yourself up with a fucking coffeemaker,” he snaps, still in a whisper. He sets the coffeemaker back in place, squints at it for a second, then punches a series of buttons authoritatively. “Go sit down, pretend you’re paying attention,” he mutters at Mark.

Mark shrugs and does. He even stares studiously at the projection screen, though he’s intensely aware of Eduardo across the room at the machine, pouring coffee, then savagely shaking a handful of sugar packets into the cup with an expression like he’d prefer to be mixing in broken glass. And then he – ha, he actually is! – he circles the table in the opposite direction from his chair and slams the cup down at Mark’s elbow, barely breaking stride.

- There I Fixed It, by lightgetsin

"You do know that if a noble, if someone, wants you to do something you do not wish to do, you may refuse."

Aloud, in the cool air of the wood, that sentence did not sound as clear and commanding as it had in Arthur’s head.

"Does that mean I can refuse to wash your disgusting socks?" Merlin said over his shoulder.

Arthur glared. “Your disgusting socks, sire.”

- Fruition (or The Education Of Arthur)

“Trust and curiosity walk into a bar. But let’s forget the bar for a moment, so, here’s trust, here’s curiosity, and here’s you. Curiosity’s on the window ledge and trust is propping the bedroom door open, so you can tie your bedsheets together and shimmy down from the second story or you can take the stairs, but both your options are gonna take you to the prom. You’re caught up on which one: are you going to follow me because you trust me, or are you going to follow me because you’re curious? The choice is inconsequential if the end result is the same. So: trust and curiosity walk into a bar. Do you drink beer or do you do shots?”

“What if I don’t drink?” Eduardo retorts, a little wry, and Mark smirks.

“Where’s the fun in that?” he asks, walking backwards, eyebrows raised. “You’re an alcoholic, that’s the whole point.”

- Driving, Not Washing, by kinesis.

"You promised," Amy tells him once, her lavender nail scratching the slick surface of a round red apple, curled up taunt in the folds of an armchair. It’s green, and it’s old, and Rory bought it at a yard sale. They’ve put it in the living room, and it’s theirs now. "You promised five minutes, and you made me so lonely." She bites into the apple, white teeth tearing at the skin of it, and she’s gotten so good at nonchalance but she’s gotten good at biting, too.

-clearcutting, by portions_forfox

"What if we can’t ever leave? If there are no more duties. No responsibility. If we have to stay here, in the castle, in this room. What if this is the end of the world and it can’t be stopped and we can’t do anything at all but stay, just being here, the two of us?"

"I would hate that," whispers Arthur with no conviction at all.

Merlin chases a raindrop over his jaw and down the line of his shoulder.

-Like a memory it falls, by scribe.

Then the glamour is gone and he’s standing before Arthur young and tall and smiling that same mad, familiar grin Arthur was certain he would never see again.

“Hello, Arthur,” says Merlin. “It’s good to see you. Can you ask your men to put their swords away now?”

- Marwnat, by ignipes.

“I’ve defied my father to bring you back a pretty flower. I’ve risked open war and marched myself straight into someone else’s kingdom so that you wouldn’t get your stupid self killed by warlords. I still get nervous every time I shoot a furry woodland creature in your presence because you just might burst into disappointed tears, and you think this is the point at which I choose?”

Merlin opens his mouth, closes it again, and stares.

“Comparatively, Merlin, this is nothing.”

- Practical Adventures and Auspicious Pursuits, by stillane.

Later on that same day, Merlin had come back covered in tomatoes and cabbage and Arthur didn’t really want to know what else, and bowed flamboyantly low to him, and said, permission to have a wash before I clean your riding boots, sire, or else they’re going to contain more vegetables than usual.

- Cross You Off My List, by strangeumbrella.

She skipped down the steps and walked to the door, set her hands against the cool doors and wondered if they really were wood, or if some weird alien had figured out how to make metal grow like wood, or if maybe the doors were slightly psychic, like everything else about the Doctor. She breathed deep and set her forehead against the doors. 

-Fighter of a Thousand-And-One, by voleuse